Food Distribution Program

When food is short, the Southern Charity Foundation (SCF) gives it to households. In the southern region of Bangladesh, we provide food and rice to low-income households and vulnerable individuals, especially the elderly. We occasionally also grant mothers and kids money to purchase wholesome ingredients.

Blanket Distribution

Every year during the winter session, SCF distributes among the distressed people various kinds of warm clothes, blanket and related materials particularly to the old poor people for fighting the severe cold.

Ramadan Program

The SCF provides Iftar and related food products to the underprivileged during the holy month of Ramadan, allowing them to observe the month with comfort and holiness. In accordance with this program, we provide Ifter and related food items to orphanages, mosques, madrashas, and public gathering places in addition to individuals.

Qurbani Program

In order to provide even more delight to the Eid celebration, SCF sponsors livestock for Qurbani among the impoverished during Eid-ul-Adha, with the help of kind-hearted individuals both domestically and outside. We have helped a significant number of people from various locations in Bangladesh’s southern region in the past few years.